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Limited Edition Libra Grid
Limited Edition Libra Grid
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Limited Edition Libra Grid

Limited Edition Libra Grid

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Libra season is here and this grid was designed to illicit tranquility and healing, loving vibes. 

This grid comes with an incredibly high-quality Kunzite point as the center stone and 5 Prehnite with Epidot tumbles. 

Kunzite is an incredibly tranquil stone. Its high vibes activate feelings of peace and inner spiritual healing. Think of Kunzite as a protective cloak that creates a shield between you and any unwanted or negative energy. 

Prehnite is a stone of serenity and unconditional love. It tunes you into your higher self along with other spiritual and multi-dimensional beings. Epidote is known for connecting you to your innermost self, leading to or enhancing spiritual awakenings. Between the two stones, you’re looking at a serious connection to the spirit realm.  

The five-pointed star grid is used for protection and to call in love and healing. First, place the Kunzite point in the center of your grid. From there, starting at the top, place your Prehnite with Epidot as if you were drawing a star, ending again by touching the first one you placed to complete the circuit flow of energy. 

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