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Limited Edition Sagittarius Grid

Limited Edition Sagittarius Grid

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Happy Sagittarius season! Get the most from this season with the help of our Limited Edition Sagittarius Crystal Grid. 

We designed this box to give the fiery Sag support for big growth, energetic uplift, and some serious grounding. The Sagittarius grid box comes with a Rose Gold Obsidian palm stone at the center, 4 raw Ruby pieces, 8 Smoky Quartz pieces, and 4 Strawberry Quartz pieces. 

Rose Gold Obsidian is an incredibly unique stone meant for leveling up. It illuminates the past and future to help us find the best path for healing the heart. It’s also excelent for grounding and balancing energy.

Ruby is excellent for stimulating energy. It encourages a passion for life and motivation for reaching your goals especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Plus, Ruby is rich with abundance energy.

 Smoky Quartz is a powerful grounding stone. It’s known for bringing feelings of calmness. Think of it like a detox for your mind, body, soul, and whatever else we might be built with.

Strawberry Quartz is an incredibly uplifting stone. It asks us to look inward with a lens of love to identify the gifts we’ve gained from every lifetime and feel safe to start using them. 

Set up your grid as pictured or set it up intuitively. You can’t go wrong. Get your grid on!

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