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Septarian Slab
Septarian Slab
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Septarian Slab

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Septarian is a stone filled with high healing vibrations. These are the exact kind of vibes that make this crystal perfect to use for group circles and rituals. Since the grey in Septarian connects with divine Earth energy, these rituals would be excellent to do outdoors for an extra boost of connectivity. Septarian is also known for its ability to balance emotion with intellect, so use it when you’re feeling out of whack. 

Slab crystals, otherwise known as slices, have many uses. You can use them to show off other smaller crystals, as a base for crystal grids, as part of your ritual layout, even use slabs during tarot readings. One of the best uses may be its ability to charge crystals, tarot cards, and other witchy tools. So if you’re ever thinking, “should I use a slab for this,” the answer is always yes, slab it up!

Size: 500g.  Sizes and colors vary slightly

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