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Taurus Crystal Box

Taurus Crystal Box

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The Taurus Crystal Box was created to help anyone conjure a passion for life, love, and massive creative energy. This box was inspired by passionate Taurus, ruled by love. 

This crystal box includes a Rose Quartz Magick Wand, a Clear Quartz point, a raw Selenite stick, and Palo Santo.

Rose Quartz rules matters of the heart, just like Taurus, and can ignite passion in all things. It can help attract love, restore trust in relationships, heal heartbreak, and encourages unconditional self-love. Ethically sourced from Brazil.

Clear Quartz is a “jack of all trades” in your crystal collection. It’s so versatile that you can assign it any job and it’s so powerful you can amplify other stones around it. Quartz absorbs and regulates energy, and it’s also self-cleansing. Ethically sourced from Minas Garis, Brazil.

Selenite is a deeply calming stone known for clearing and cleansing energy. Plus, it can act as a gentle link to your higher consciousness. Use Selenite to clear your energy and open yourself up to taking on new energy. Ethically sourced from Morocco.

Burning Palo Santo can cleanse the energy of a person or space. It protects energy and helps to remove negativity. This premium grade Peruvian Palo Santo is ethically and sustainably sourced.

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