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Winter Solstice Ice Box

Winter Solstice Ice Box

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We’ve curated a Winter Solstice Ice Box (bling!) to support any celebration or ritual you’ve got planned.

The Winter Solstice Ice Box includes one Fire and Ice Quartz point, one Celestite cluster, one Selenite wand, and one Aura Quartz sphere. This is some high-quality ice…bling! bling!

Fire and Ice Quartz is a powerful expansion of consciousness, and attracts love and prosperity. It also counteracts negative energy while helping to provide clear and positive thoughts. 

Celestite is a high vibrational teacher that can rev spiritual development and connect you with your spirit guides. It also invites good fortune. 

Selenite is a deeply calming stone known for clearing and cleansing energy. Plus, it can act like a gentle link to your higher consciousness. 

Aura Quartz is all about bridging the gap and communicating with our higher selves as well as our angels, guides, higher dimensions, and any otherworldly beings. 


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